A small collection of a few handy internet-tools.

Privacy Checks

  1. Browser check against WebRTC and DNS leaks
  4. JonDonym IP-check
  6. Browser check against tracking

Security Checks

  1. Antivirus test – Download EICAR testfile
  2. Browser SSL check
  3. Browsertest for SNI (Server Name Indication) | | | |
  4. Browser SSL check
  5. Nextcloud Security Scan
  6. Observatory by Mozilla
  7. Google Safe Browsing-Website Status
  8. WordPress XMLRPC Test
  9. Misc. Pentests

Website Checks

  1. Check HSTS preload status and eligibility
  2. Broken Link Checker
  3. Search for copies of your page on the web
  4. Analyze website traffic
  5. Website privacy check: http-headers, meta referrer, first & third party cookies and requests, CSP
  6. Security header check
  7. HTTP header check
  8. Favicon checker
  9. Metatag analyzer for website preview in chat apps and social networks

Website SSL Checks

  1. Webserver SSL check
  2. DNS/SSL/TLS/HTTP Header Report
  3. Checks the SSL/TLS configuration of a server
  4. Test SSL/TLS security and implementation for compliance with PCI DSS requirementsHIPAA guidance and NIST guidelines
  5. DigiCert® SSL Installation Diagnostics Tool
  6. Comodo SSL Analyzer
  7. Wormly SSL Web Server Test
  8. SSL Chain Certificate Checker and Generator

Website Pagespeed Checks

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  3. Mobile Speed Test
  4. Pingdom Website Speed Test
  5. Website Performance Test
  6. Webpage Performance report

Mailserver Checks

  1. Multiple RBL lookups, SPF check, DKIM check
  2. SPF record checker
  3. RBL lookup
  4. CBL lookup
  5. Blacklist check


  1. Web development tools and site check
  2. Various SEO and SEM tools
  3. Various lookups & reverse lookups
  4. Reverse IP lookup
  5. ENUM lookups
  6. Internet wayback machine, lookup and add domain
  7. Geotag photos online
  8. Compress images for websites: PNG, GIF, JPG
  9. Free dynamic DNS